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tina strinning

 Crêts Leyrons 67, CH-1091-Grandvaux, Switzerland
 0041.21.7995900 / 0041.79.6502265 (mobil)

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Tina Strinning was born in 1960 in Switzerland; she is both Swedish and Swiss.
In 1980 Tina Strinning became violin and viola teacher at the Music School of the Lausanne Conservatory

1st price in viola Virtuosity (1986), Tina Strinning plays with different ensembles and orchestras.
She is a founding member of the Tamatakia ensemble where she plays the viola, the guitar, the xaphoon and she also sings.

She concentrates her teaching particularly, and with success, in the work with the children.
Her pupils have won a lot of  prizes at the Swiss Contest of Music for Young Musicians.

Since 1998, Tina Strinning is also in charge of pedagogy teaching at the Professional Section (HEM) of the Lausanne Conservatory, where she initiates violinists to viola.

After a special training at Jacques Dalcroze Institute in Geneva (1998-99), Tina Strinning started a research about introducing dance as a didactic, musical and technical tool to learn playing the intrument. This original method developed by Tina Strinning, called “The Dancing Violins”.

In 2002, at the Lausanne Conservatory, she created The Ministrings, a string ensemble which gives very young musicians the opportunity to learn to play in a group and on stage. The result is vibrant with vitality and contagious joy, shared by listeners in around 100 concerts so far.
They have been awarded three first prizes with congratulations at the Swiss Contest of Music for Young Musicians (2007, 2009, 2010).
In 2013-2014, The ministrings have a tour in France, Italy, Slovakia and Hungary.

Mais c'est un violon de nain, pardi!

Tina Strinning gives lectures, workshops and Masterclasses in Switzerland and in France.
The “Dancing Violins” approach was presented in April 2007 in ESTA World Congress in Cremona (Italy) with great success.
Since 2011, she also gives a ensemble course open to children at the Tibor Varga Summer Music Academy.

As another activity, Tina Strinning composes music adapted to string pupils. You can discover those pieces, published by the editor “Jonglör”.

Besides, Tina Strinning has attended several courses and trainings related to Artistic Expressions and Communication. Tina Strinning has a master degree in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

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press releases

  • Eté 2003, "Les Violons Dansants", présentation de l'apport de la formation continue Jaques-Dalcroze à l'enseignement du violon. (47 pages)  .pdf  (3.92 MB) in frensh


published records
  • 1996 CD Tamatakia, VDE-Gallo 935
  • 1997 CD  Acratopège, chœur dirigé par C. Niggeler, autoproduction (accompagnement musical par Tamatakia)
  •  2001 CD Tamatakia, « élémentaire », VDE-Gallo 1090
  •  2003 CD Duo « cordes vocales », Variations sur le vieux chalet, création personnelle et originale avec Anne-Thérèse Bieri. Les musiques traditionnelles en Suisse romande, VDE-Gallo 1124/5
  •  2010 CD Tamatakia, «L 'appel du large», VDE-Gallo 1320
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